Oh goody goody, those lovely people at Fuelmyblog have arranged for me to get some ice-cream from Simply Ice Cream – three different flavours no less!

I’ve got a brilliant idea for a video. Imagine this :-

I’m sitting at a table dressed in a DJ looking very sauve and sophisticated. I have a huge tub of the ice-cream before me and a solid silver spoon. There is harp music playing in the background.

I take a small spoonful of the ice-cream and expound on the velvety texture, the fantastic flavour, the joy of discovering a delight that exceeds my expectations, the need to slowly savour this wonderful experience.
As I’m talking I can’t help eating quicker and quicker until I give up on talking and wolf down the confection like there’s no tomorrow.
Suddenly I drop everything and grab my head between my hands and scream “BRAIN FREEZE!!!!!!”

Cut to credits.

Oh dear, the ice-cream has arrived. Tiny tubs, the size you might get during an interval at the theatre. Not enough to share. £3.35’s worth.

*does quick calculation using minimum wage figures*

OK, the video time-budget is out of the window – just a quick taste and comment then – I can’t even afford the bandwidth for a photo which is a first.

All the different flavoured ice-creams are, to my taste, too rich and too sweet and I’m speaking as someone who used to have double cream on Sugar Puffs as a treat …. *hangs head in shame*. (I found the texture rather heavy as well. Lo,TG Ed)

Stem ginger and marmalade – a lovely combination of flavours but very rich and very sweet. (Nice and gingery ‘tho. Lo,TG Ed)

Raspberry – An excellent taste and less rich and less sweet – my favourite.

Honeycomb crunch – As you would imagine, very rich and extremely sweet. I suppose a child would like it as must members of the dentist fraternity.

That’s it folks – off for a walk now to burn off some calories …

[There is a serious point here. Bloggers are becoming a useful tool for spreading the word about any number of products. Producers and/or distributors can’t really expect to get enthusiastic and thorough feedback for very small peanuts. Doing reviews takes time, not only testing the products and then writing about them, but the various hoops you have to jump through to get the products in the first place are often long winded and over complicated. Right, I really have spent enough time on this now … toodle pip]