My little brother and my sister-in-law came over on the TG’s birthday – it was very nice to see them.

However there is always one drawback when they visit, and that is the presence of photographs – hundreds of them.

I explained I had a rare eye condition that was exacerbated by the chemicals in ordinary piccies and luckily the album was put away. My brother then produced some slides, but when I went to get the projector I fell down and smashed it – shame.

We had a lovely meal and then I made a fatal mistake – I decided to check my emails.

“Oh, of course, you’ve got a computer” and there he stood, offering me a memory stick.

Oh joy, thousands of photos and a whole load of video clips. I considered dropping lappytop but couldn’t bring myself to do it.

What were the pictures and videos? I have no idea. My internal defence mechanism kicked in and I went to a better place for a couple of hours. The TG doesn’t know either, as she had to have a little lie down as a birthday treat. (Most refreshing. Lo,TG Ed)