Well it didn’t take Papersurfer long to throw me out of the nest and, quite frankly, I’m more confused than ever.

What is the etiquette for the polite blogger? Can I ask Lucy Pepper to pimp my blog with one of her drawings? Can I ask Nursemyra for confidential advice about ingrowing toenails and outgrowing hair in unexpected places? Can I call Lizza sweet without the terrible Goddess mumbling ” First it was Uma Thurman and now………” ? Is nepotism acceptable so I can say the iconic Tiggz’s icons, widgets and wallpapers are fantastic and Papersurfer’s Surf Convoy sounds a brilliant idea?
From the technical point of view at least I have the help and advice of the TG. If someone called me stubborn I would be offended but the response from the TG is “Thanks!” so she will worry the workings of this site until, like all sensible beings, it will succumb to her will.
I might share what is on my mind each day [there is a slot in my busy schedule as Richard and Judy are off air] but avid reader articles will appear with the usual frequency.
(I would never mumble about Lizza, she obviously has far too much common sense to have her head turned. Lo, TG. Ed.)