We only have live Portuguese television at the moment. There are four channels. Most of the time they show the news.








RTP2 what are you playing at!!! That’s Homer!! Oh, I suppose he’s reading the news …… ok, carry on …..

Oh yes, there is the Price is Right, hosted by someone who looks like a hamburger on steroids, and sometimes they show foreign [English or American] films but with breaks for advertisements that are so long there’s time to cook a three course meal, eat it and then enjoy a glass of brandy and a cigar on the balcony before the film restarts. It’s all very unsatisfactory.

Consequently we are watching West Wing on the DVD player. I love this series, although the technicalities of the American political system make a lot of the dialogue fly in one ear and depart the other one only fractionally slower. The quantity of words must rival a meeting of the Quick Talking Society discussing how many words it’s possible to say in 40 minutes. I pity the person who has to take the Minutes. The repartee and humour and relationships of the characters in West Wing make up for my lack of knowledge and understanding. The level of my political commentary is the same as Lily Allen’s in her song “F**k You” which I believe was aimed at George W Bush. [I’m very saddened by the news that she’s just lost her second child]