images-4 Picture of my tissue.

The Daddy Papersurfer household is very green. To this end we use and re-use tissues until they become like lace.
Over the years Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, has queried my habit of carefully examining what has left my body via my nose.
Yesterday my diligence paid off handsomely.
Our individual tissues got into a muddle and there was some doubt which tissue belonged to whom. After careful examination I could conclusively identify which was mine.
Anybody that says that romance is dead should go to the quiet corner and reassess their standards.

In other news …

Our interweave connection has died.

In more other news …

images-4A picture of my gum.

The German dentist has been in my mouth again.

Yet another tooth broke off.
There must me something about Surfugal that affects my teeth.
The Letch had to pull out the remains.
He strained and he struggled and then, suddenly, the tooth flew out of my mouth and across the surgery.
“Zat never appens,” he said “just like ze cork from zee bottle of champaggne!”… and then burst out laughing. The pretty dental nurse also laughed.
“Oh no,” he said “zhair ist no blood!” and started hacking at my cavity with a miniature pickaxe for about an hour.
“Aha … zhair ist the blood! Gut! Vee must ave blood! Now I vill need to stitch up your gum!”
He proceeded to use a small rope and knitting needle to control my flappiness.
“Will it hurt when the anaesthetic wears?” I enquired.
“It might help iff you get in touch vith your inner Dirk Pitt” he replied.

In more other other news …

images-3 Papersurfer Jnr look-a-like

Penfold, Tango and Papersurfer Jnr spent the weekend with us. It rained. It didn’t matter.

In more other other other news …

The interweave connection has returned.