An imaginary e-mail from a 12 year old daughter to her Generation X mother.


Hello Mum,

I would talk to you directly but your head always seems to be buried in your smart phone and you never actually hear what I’m saying.

Firstly, I’m getting a tad concerned about your driving.

Pokemon are NOT real and you don’t have to try and avoid them when dropping me off at school. BTW staring at your phone whilst driving is a really bad idea.

Secondly, butter is safe to eat this week so if you could order some from Ocado I’d be very grateful. I do like a little bit of butter on my bread. (This a is a quote Mum, Google it! it’s from a real book).

OK, I’m off to the park now to kick a ball around with my friends and yes, I’ll avoid all dodgy looking people, be VERY careful when crossing the road and I’ll certainly keep my eyes open for the crocodile that’s been reported on Twitter.

Love you loads


BTW – I’ll have my mobile with me in case of a REAL emergency but it’ll be turned off. One of your constant messages buzzing me might be a distraction just as I’m about to score!

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