It is with an almost morbid interest that I watch various peeps on the Interweave chasing after the Holy iGrail. They endeavour somehow to win iVirality gaining vast numbers of iClicks, becoming the next ‘big’ thing, having vigorous sales of mugs, a recognition by the iMasses of the new iStephen Fry or the iBill Shakespeare.

I have a genuine wish that they succeed but hope not all the eggs are in one iBasket, or even worse, in various diluted iBaskets – the real world must not be ignored, however tempting.

As in all things real and virtual, happenchance plays a part which so often skews values when weighing worth against success.

Content, original thought, humour, enjoyment, and reassuring vignettes of everyday life (he wanted to say ‘normal’ but I said we have no idea what that is. Lo,TG ED) figure highly in my standards and I hope that those sites that fulfil these criteria manage, by iHook or iCrook, to survive and, hopefully, provide the creators with some filthy lucre to continue.

[We are returning to the UK this weekend *yay!!! real gingernuts again* and I hope to catch up with you soon]