I’ve built the mountain and now I’ve almost finished constructing the babbling brook that cascades down its’ craggy sides, flows across the pampas and gently drops into the lake [which I dug out by hand] that the goldfish call home.


This is a photo of one of our neighbours enjoying the fruits of my labour.
Her name is Mad Madge Catwoman and she lives at number 2. She has two dogs but thinks that they’re cats. It’s a very odd sight when she stands in her front garden shouts out “Puss puss pussssssies!!!!” and her Alsation, [Tigger], and Bullmastiff, [Fluffles], bound up to her and knock her flat. She gets through so much cat food that the council have provided her with her own re-cycling skip for the tins.
She asked me if she could bring the ‘cats’ when I invited her over for a paddle but I’m afraid I lied and said I was allergic. Those hounds would have caused complete chaos and frightened Gertrude into the bargain.
She didn’t stay long as we could clearly hear her cats barking in the distance.
“Oh dear” she said as she clambered back into her kaftan “I think they’ve got sore throats. Thanks for the dip DP” and then she scurried back home.
I wonder how much longer this lovely weather will continue?

Have a lovely weekend and do try and help someone out in your community.