If you aspire to be a proper blogger you will have realised by now that it is essential to get approval from the World Blog Council.
I myself was banned from the WBC several months ago and the difference that it made was almost (completely. Lo,Tg Ed) negligible.

The Colonel and his staff have been hard at it recently and they’ve also stream-lined the whole process for registration. Delays in dealing with the mountains of paperwork have been cut significantly.

If you don’t know what the WBC is about, think ‘Health and Safety Assessment’ for Blogworld.

Thank heavens they are based in Gt. Britain so that everyone will realise that fairness and efficiency will be built in automatically – we all know that gravity was a British invention and that rarely lets you down.

There is a new member of staff, the slightly scary Frau von Sauertraut, to guarantee that all is fair in love and war.

Good luck with your own appraisals [and remember to breathe whilst waiting for your certificate].