In all innocence Lo, she is a terrible Goddess and I went to the village fete yesterday to enjoy the delights of the local dog show, coconut shies, trapping rats and the raffle which was being run by Aloe Vera. I have high hopes that I’m going to win the first prize of a crate of local wine and shall be sitting by the telephone all day today ready to receive the joyous call. I think I gave Aloe the right telephone number. She’s unlikely to call round personally after one of the slugs I threw over the hedge landed in her Horlicks last Thursday. I was sure she’d be abed at that time of night and what on earth was she doing drinking Horlicks out in the garden!!?!!. Honestly you can’t rely on anybody nowadays.

Anyhoo Lo and I were sitting down on a bale of hay ready to enjoy some traditional country dancing when ….

Belly dancers

There is something extremely unnerving watching belly dancers strutting their stuff on a windy and tad chilly field in East Sussex. They were very good BTW and performed an extremely complicated series of routines.
I must remember to take my glasses next time so I can read the order of events properly. Luckily the St John’s Ambulance Brigade were on hand to check my pulse rate.