Actually not the Irish but the Australians.

Last week Lo, she is a terrible Goddess had a check up with the eye surgeon who replaced the lenses in her eyes about eighteen months ago. Everything is fine, so that’s good.
Anywho we got chatting to her eye surgeon, Mr Shultz, who is/was Australian, and somehow or other we got onto the subject of running B & B establishments or, in his case a small hotel. He, with a colleague in the ‘eye’ department, bought the House of Agnes in Canterbury. The wives of these two surgeons raised their eyebrows in that disapproving way that goddesses have when they think that their peabrains have gone completely mad. The renovation of the building turned out to be a real problem, mainly due to the demands from the authorities, sometimes sensible, but often mad, as a result of the building being ‘Listed’. Lime plaster had to be used complete with horse hair, all original features had to be retained, the blood of a verified descendent of Bill Shakespeare had to be used in the new plumbing, etc, etc.
Just at the moment when the finances were becoming a trifle strained one of the workman dug up an old pot in the garden. In the pot was an historic scientific instrument, now known as ‘The Canterbury Quadrant‘. A flurry of media and scientific interest followed its discovery as it was recognised as one of only eight such objects in existence. It was sold at auction to a certain Mr Bill Gates for £100,000. This solved the immediate financial problem and renovations could continue.
At this point in the story the TG and I were both thinking “Grumphhh – that’s a tad annoying.” Mr Shultz then went on to say tha  the British government then intervened and said that this object should remain in good old Blighty: eventually the British Museum came up with the £250,000 that Mr Gates required and now the Astrolabe resides in their care.
Money certainly seems to make money. Our ‘grumphhhing’ continued for several days.

Have a lovely weekend and I do hope you find a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.