If anyone is interested in writing a dreadful poem or two and wants to send them to me by email – I’ll publish a little anthology later in the month. I’ll quite understand if there are no takers though. Standards are low, as can be seen from this poem, wot I wrote whilst watching Wimbledon.

A gruesome thought to me occurred
That lappytop might turn me nerd,
And then I felt that’s quite absurd
I will not be one of the herd.

I slammed the lid and went outside,
And ambled aimless, far and wide,
To the park with swings and slide,
And then I felt an itch inside –

There could be spam there could be mail,
I turned around and unlike a snail,
Rushed homeward bound; how could I fail
To discover perhaps the holy grail?

I booted up with hope in heart,
A passer by could just impart
The tiny secret that might start
A new career, a new Star’s chart.

I searched the mail, no, nothing there,
My blog – no comments – I began to swear.
My dreams, again, into thin air
Were gone. I felt despair.

Well. That’s it. I must be strong,
My dream has lasted way too long
This poem then my short swan song –
You think so? Well, oh boy you’re wrong!!!!

Tee hee hee …….

(Much too much to hope for. And I don’t like the sound of that itch. Lo,TG Ed)

Go on – you know you can do much better!!!

(Go on – you must be able to. Lo,TG Ed)

[Archie and Gitwizard can TG – listen to these …..

A surrealist old blogger named “P”
Was Daddy to Penfold you see
He then used his rigs
To father young Tigzz
While Lo claimed his brain was a pea!

…. from Archie and ……

My snake-oil has all gone and been,
My fig-leaf better days seen,
All I wished for…….but no,
Can’t say on this show,
(just a kiss from 70sTeen)

…. from Gitwizard

…… I know …… brilliant!!!!]