Please, please, PLEASE learn to use the evidence of your own eyes, nose and ears (applied to the real world when shopping, walking, going to the pub etc) instead of taking any notice of what you may see or hear on the internet, in newspapers, on the radio or television.


Information technology really should be called misinformation technology. In the old days we were misled by the printed word and then, with the advent of the radio, the spoken word. Television then arrived where new skills of deception had to be learnt (Jimmy Saville – say no more). And now we have the digital  age where words are so cheap that they’re almost worthless, visual images can no longer be trusted (even the moving ones – did you see the Pope doing that magic trick with the alter cloth?).

Take your time, use your eyes and then your ears and then your brain … and then keep your mouths shut …. for a little while anyway.

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