I was very worried about these ickle spiders …….

spiders 1

…… Mummy spider had left them on their own to grow immediately above the pond, with no visible means of escape. Well apart from the obvious one of walking along the edge of the pond and then hiding in the grass, but I just knew that was going to be too easy – living life on the edge wasn’t going to be good enough for them.

Two days later I saw this …..

spiders 2

….. the little devils had woven a web and cast it into the breeze and made a worthy escape route. The goldfish looked VERY interested – it wouldn’t have surprised me to hear a ticking wristwatch coming from one of them.

spiders 3

It went right up to the hedge about 2 metres away and they all [well, nearly all] clambered up and now live happily in what they think is a forest. Clever so-and-so’s.

The goldfish looked a bit down in the mouth ……… but the ickle birdies are beginning to perk up no end ……. oh well.


Match of the Day

hide-n-seek 2