I’m fed up with all the nonsense spouted about the origins of the universe so I’ve decided to get it all down here in writing to put an end to the endless waffling.

Ok, it’s all quite simples innit.


Nobody seems to know what gravity is exactly (I do though *looks smug*) and yet them scientists nerds have been able to measure them gravitational waves. *Waves back* This discovery has firmed up my own theory (theory? I don’t think so #fact) on the origins of stuff.

So … several infinite years ago in the space wot surrounds us all for several infinite miles, there was quite a soup of stuff and then a black hole had a bit of a thing with another black hole and the result was messy. (On a domestic level imagine the consequences of several pints of beer followed by an extremely hot curry. *pause* Got that?).

Anyhoo dark matter was scattered far and wide, some bits bigger than others. Some larger bits swallowed up soup so that it went into other infinite universes and disappeared from ours. Other bits were so small that the soup clogged up the orifice in the dark matter, a bit like peas and bits of onion plug up your sink. (Got it? You should have – it ain’t rocket science).

More and more stuff gravitated round these blockages and so stars and planets and moons and whatever all got formed over many of our infinite years.

What we perceive as gravity is this tiny bit of dark matter that is right at the core of the world, sucking at our feet and is what keeps us from floating around when we have a nap on the sofa. Basically the world sucks.

This all seems to be bleedin’ obvious to me I don’t really know why I’m bothering to write this.

Anyway, that’s it, so stop your worrying and fretting and get on with something useful like cooking me a meal or sending loads of money to my ‘shed’ fund.