Ken, from number 6, popped in the other day.

“Hi DP – could you do me a favour?”

[I immediately got my armoury of excuses ready – Lo, she is a terrible Goddess wouldn’t approve, I was just leaving to go on safari, my attitude is really bad at the moment, I can’t find my teeth etc etc.]

“Barbie has told me to clear out the garage and I’ve got a pond pump going begging.”

[I was planning to go and buy one that afternoon – keep cool DP]

“Oh I don’t know Ken …… I suppose I could take it ……… if it’ll get you out of a hole.”

“DP, you are a gent and a life saver!!!!!”

“Well I do try Ken old chap …….”

“I owe you one DP!!!! I’ll go and get it.”

[Blimey – that’s saved me a few quid …….. ]

Fountain & poppies

……. [and what’s more it’s designed to provide a fountain AND pump water up to the top of a cataract-type-thingy which is exactly what I wanted – reeeeesult!!!!]


Match of the Day

Swimming match