I spent a considerable length of time observing the Wild Gingernuts and gradually they overcame their fear and accepted me as part of the landscape – I think that shoving bracken up my nose and down my undercrackers helped. The wellington boot was very handy as well, as I could use it as an emergency loo [with some difficulty]. (I never ever borrow his wellies. Lo,TG ed)

I was ecstatic when eventually I got a really good view of them …….

Didabled gingernut

…….. until I noticed that the daughter of the family was disabled!!!! The anguish I felt was worse than when I discovered I hadn’t been adopted. The Wild Gingernut is an endangered species and the pitfalls of inbreeding can lead to some dreadful problems [as can be seen quite clearly if you ever have to travel through Essex].

I had to make a dreadful decision – to let this poor biscuit suffer and go soggy or to put her out of her misery. I was absolutely starving by this point which made the decision a bit easier.

Mum and Dad scurried off looking bewildered. I only hope that they will still be able to breed before the rainy season starts again.

My main concern now is that I haven’t contracted gingervitis from my brave and selfless act.

[My full observations and findings have been sent to the Wild Gingernut Society – copies of which can be found at ]

Please let me know if I did the right thing – I’m really not used to such responsibility.