Yesterday I failed to mention the really frightening incident that I cleverly managed to foil.

On arrival at Fifitrixibelle’s cave I was offered a drink –

“Champagne with hibiscus flower and syrup DP, you’ll love it!!!.”

Now, I don’t know about you but a glass of champagne with what looks like a stag beetle marinated in it’s own blood, floating around doing the back stroke, doesn’t quite ring true as a treat – it smacks more of a threat to me. The discovery of what appeared to be ground glass at the bottom of the flute confirmed my suspicions.

I accepted gratefully of course and humming innocently, wandered down the garden where I poured the concoction on a paeony, which on later inspection had withered and died.

When I returned to the coven they all stared at me expectantly.

“Delicious” I announced, holding up the empty glass – and smiled broadly.

They continued studying me expectantly, and eventually, with a unanimous ‘tut’, consulted their ‘diaries.’

I think I heard the TG say “We forgot the ………” but I missed the last word because Spike screamed at that moment. Apparently he’d accidentally shut something in the oven ……..