… excuse my French.



People on all sides are unhappy.

Something has to be done.

My suggestions are –

1 – Revoke article 50 for 2 years and continue being an EU member and having British MEPs.

2 – After 2 years hold another referendum asking exactly the same question as last time but with the sensible caveat that only a 60% to 40% majority will hold sway. No clear majority, hold another referendum 2 years down the line. Repeat if necessary.

All parties must include this as a promise in their manifestos to account for any change in government.

In the mean time, now that people know a lot more about the EU and the importance of MEPs, our concentration will be more focussed on selecting the best MEPs to achieve what needs to be done to improve the EU.

The present situation of trying to have our cake and eat it is ridiculous.

I’m going to my shed now until you all start behaving sensibly.