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The selection of wines in Portugal has always been a bit of a disappointment. The reds, unless you go into the very expensive section, are to my taste rather robust – or in other words ‘rough’. The white wines also have a tendency to strip the stomach lining; there was a Vino Verde bottled for […]


By the end of today I will have finished the plastering in the new office. I’ve just got to float and set the plasterboard on the right hand wall, [oh look, the TG is sitting in the sun …… glad she’s managed to get a few minutes relaxation] and the brickwork is going to be […]


It’s a hard life sometimes …… …… still there you go ……. or in my case there I go to the loo again …………..….. whoosh! or wee! [whatever seems more appropriate] . Match of the Day .


Fifitrixibelle ushered us in and immediately began talking to Lo, she is a terrible Goddess in hushed whispers. They kept glancing at me. “Why don’t you go down the garden and get some fresh air, Peabrain? We’ve got a lot to talk about.” I wandered out of the back door feeling quite safe; after all […]


I know what I was doing ……. Let’s see if the maths adds up. 12 tons of ‘stuff’ moved to the bottom of the garden – see here. 4 tons of sand and cement delivered [to the front garden and then trundled –tsk] 3 tons 20mm stones delivered [to the front garden and then trundled […]


There are some friends coming round in a couple of days for a meal. Mr Friend is very fussy about his wine  [he’s American so I’m not that bothered]. The local supermarket has a wine that I’m particularly fond of but they haven’t had it on offer for months, which is a shame; it’s normal […]


I had to attend one of Lo, she is a terrible Goddess’s coven conventions last Saturday and quite frankly it’s a miracle I’m not a toad now. (Hmmm. Quite frankly, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. Lo,TG Ed) During the mid-luncheon dissection of all things ‘peabrain’, as I was gently musing on the joys […]