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A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. William Shakespeare. The last of the court jesters was Dicky Pearce who was the Earl of Suffolk’s fool. Born in 1665 he eventually entered the service of the Berkeley family at Berkeley Castle. In 1728, during a performance, […]


On Wednesday, at around midday, Lo, she is a terrible Goddess and I impulsively and without premeditation rejected a spontaneous act of spontaneity. It was a spur of the moment decision. This unpremeditated action resulted in being able to enjoy a delicious peanut butter and lettuce sandwich with added mayonnaise and seasoning to taste. I […]

NO WAY!!!!

There is no way I’m having a bath this weekend. I’ll apologise for the smell now but I’m sure you’ll understand. I hope that your weekend will be less whiffy than the TG’s.


As a causeuse potato aeolist I would just like to say how important accubation is. Indeed this attribute has led me to write this post. If you’re an agelast I fear you have no place here. I am not a batrachophagous but I will admire a bathykolpian goddess and indeed might become quite blandiloquent in […]


I had settled down on the sofa holding my cup of tea when Lo, she is a terrible Goddess started talking to me from the kitchen. I wasn’t really concentrating and after I’d made the obligatory grunt, my mind wandered off in the direction of something more important. There’s a DIY chain of shops over […]


I’ve been making every effort to provide employment for the little people that live in my neck of the woods. This ‘ickle chap is thoroughly enjoying cleaning my glasses, except when I used them to stir my coffee of course. He did get some over-time that day although his glances in my direction were a […]


I’ve covered up my caption …….. got any ideas of your own? If anyone gets the exact caption to my marvellous, witty and badly drawn cartoon, they’ll win a DP t-shirt!!!!!! Have a lovely weekend – may your bottoms fall off on a regular basis. . Match of the Day .


By the end of today I will have finished the plastering in the new office. I’ve just got to float and set the plasterboard on the right hand wall, [oh look, the TG is sitting in the sun …… glad she’s managed to get a few minutes relaxation] and the brickwork is going to be […]


………. hide your head in a building. If a chap wielding a very dangerous standard lamp should pass by in a very threatening manner, you’ll have no idea. This is my top tip to get you through the weekend. .


…….. and so the work continues dans le jardin …….. The pond was lined and filled yesterday. It now needs landscaping and will have a quaint little rivulet to help aeration. The book says I must be patient and let the water balance itself before bunging some fish in. As goldfish are only about 99p […]