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Well, if Sean can stun the world by eating grass in an area 8 feet by 8 feet I thought I’d better do something on a much grander scale. This is a scale model of Salisbury Plain complete with … … an exact replica of Stonehinge. [Don’t tell Sean you’ve already seen Stonehinge – I […]


Edit 1 Through the inner eye and macro mind I spied the emerald canopy and wondered what lived beneath. Are there dragons and sprites? Perhaps small villages suffering under the evil hands of a warlord? The wind ……… [no ….. that isn’t working] Edit 2 The Stony Frog tries to attract a mate by donning […]


Oh hello, you look divine …. how are the boys? ….. did they build that shrine? I’m not too sure – is this one mine? …. yes, I used the Northern line …. Did you hear about Uncle Lime? ….. and then the incident with sisal twine …. No, he’s fine ….. [that doorway’s crooked, […]


….. I’ve saved Zelda [and the Twilight Princess Midna]from Ganondorf. It’s only taken me 62 hours and 31 minutes [shusssssh, don’t tell the terrible Goddess]. Luckily the game was a birthday present from Penfold and the delectable Tango so, surely, I can’t be in too much trouble for wasting my time. OK, what’s next? All […]

Di! Ecce hora! Uxor mea me necabit!

. I keep telling Lo, the terrible Goddess that the time I spend on the internet is educational and a high form of artistic endeavour. . . …….. gotta go – for many reasons, including my age ………. .