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Social Distancing

        I’ve found a way to keep people at bay When having a walk, my one-a-day, I will just add that when I gad Cold weather tends to ‘shrink’ a tad.


I was walking down the lane last week And spied upon the ground A banana skin just lying there Which I failed to go around. I was mesmerised and couldn’t stop From treading on the skin And proved that tales ‘bout slipping Are true, to my chagrin. I tumbled over and fell in the ditch […]


We went for my annual walk over Easter. Lo, she is a terrible Goddess seemed keen, so I thought “Why not? ……. Get it over and done with early this year.” (It’s usually timed to go with his annual bath: all that unaccustomed exercise makes him a bit  – fragrant? Lo,TG Ed) We drove to […]


Lo, she is a terrible Goddess and I went for a walk down at Pett level the other day to test out her new eyes. Once again it was like being with a six year old. I had to stop and wait for her every few minutes as she examined things both near and far. […]