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I’ve been practising for the interviews which will surely be demanded of me when my tome becomes the next blog buster. I’ve decided to be modest and say that my scribblings are merely simple thoughts written down rather hurriedly without much thought. Lo, she is a terrible Goddess agrees that this is the right manner […]


This is an illustration of the type of illustration I’m doing to illustrate my tome. I haven’t done so much drawing since I was at primary school …… in those days done with chalk on a slate …… obviously. (That reminds me of someone relatively close to us. One of your relatives, obviously. Lo,TG Ed) […]


I’m going to spend this week working on my tome ….. ……. which means I won’t be doing any posts this week!! If any avid reader has a particular post or two they’ve liked amongst the 1200 odd that I’ve published please let me know either in a comment or by email – thank you. […]


Everyone needs lists …….. otherwise listlessness sets in ……. obviously. The Top 100.net is all about lists. I’ve put various lists over there: this has been great fun – the people involved have just the right amount of dementedness and are excellent at telling me how to do ‘stuff’ when I got confused. There are […]