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. Every day I tremble at my first glimpse of the terrible Goddess, which subsides after she has combed her hair. When the day comes that it doesn’t subside, at my age I’ll have to start suspecting the onset of Parkinsons’. . . . . This morning I thought I would start with my usual […]


Well it didn’t take Papersurfer long to throw me out of the nest and, quite frankly, I’m more confused than ever. What is the etiquette for the polite blogger? Can I ask Lucy Pepper to pimp my blog with one of her drawings? Can I ask Nursemyra for confidential advice about ingrowing toenails and outgrowing […]

A Day in the Life of

. Frog dog’s blog – “Woof woof, whine, woof woof” – some discussion needed I feel. Avid readers I’ve included a photo of myself, obviously taken a few years ago. And now, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF. Having spent a pleasant half hour cooking, watching my spinach wilt and playing air guitar to Regina […]