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I’m beginning to suspect that we’re all going to have to toughen up a bit this Summer. Still, looking on the bright side, the synchronised swimming at the Olympics will be a doddle for the competitors although the diving team might have a few problems.


One of the advantages of popping over to Surfugal early in the year and then returning to Blighty is that we enjoy two springs. The top of the cliff is looking very Springy ….. …. and the may flowers at the bottom of the garden are shouting at us to cast our clouts. I peered […]


I’m loathe to report this but …….. the goldfish have been cavorting! Heavens above they’re less than two years old! Honestly the youth of today! Disgusting! I’ve heard of dogging but had no idea there was fishing as well! Multiple partners and a lot of thrashing and splashing! I can only hope that they were […]


I have been rather concerned about the camellias. They have appeared to be on the point of bursting forth for several weeks. I even went to the trouble of searching the interweave to see if such a thing as a ‘flower training bra’ existed – with some very interesting results. I even considered speaking to […]