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  I’ve made the labels for Coastal Currents Open Studios 2017 which opens in just over two weeks! *small panic*                                        There are exactly 42 which everyone knows is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, […]


I’m wondering if my back gate could be designated an Area of Outstanding Unnatural and Terrific Interest … …. or even a World Heretic Sight? The comments as people fled from my Coastal Currents Open Studio this year would indicate that it could. Are grants available and who do you have to bribe?


There are various subtle signs I have slowly learnt over the many years of bliss with Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, that mean my behaviour needs moderating, adapting or stopping. (I would go for ‘stopping’, but as Avid Readers will have realised by now, my innate good nature always reasserts itself at the wrong […]