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I was enjoying a swift half at the Twisted Gusset over the weekend and got chatting to the owner of The Grub Shop which is hidden away in the back streets of Piddling-by-the-Sea. He proudly explained that the recipes for the pies The Grub Shop makes have been passed down through many generations of his […]


It’s a bit of a dull and depressing day – I think I’ll do some cooking. Right – let’s select a recipe book at random. Aha, ‘Hot and Spicy’, that looks good. OK, I’ll close my eyes and pick a dish at random …… ….. ‘Prawn Cocktail’!!!! ….. that sounds delicious. OK …….. “mix up […]


There is nothing nicer for a special occasion than a cake. Gingernut cake. Ingredients One gingernut A candle A candle holder [you will also need a means to light the candle – I would suggest either a lighter or matches. It is possible to rub two boy scouts together but this takes some time]. Method […]


Many many* avid readers have suggested that I post some recipes so here we go. Gingernuts with ice-cream. Ingredients One tub of soft scoop vanilla ice-cream One gingernut cube [illustrated – only available from the Daddy Papersurfer Emporium – price £5 + pp] Method Take two scoopfuls of ice-cream and place carefully in a bowl […]