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Sometimes, Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, takes a fancy to a particular amuse bouche and I’m dispatched to the local COOP to buy whatever it takes to satisfy her cravings. Today it was rosé wine and Twiglets with a copy of the Radio Times to stimulate her mind. I usually stop off on the […]


Making ‘stuff’ is really quite interesting. This is made from 50 grey pebbles picked up from the beach at Pett Level. I had intended to wire them together and put the whole object into one of my wire boxes. This proved to be impossible. Lo, she is a terrible Goddess suggested gluing them onto cloth […]


Lo, she is a terrible Goddess and I went for a walk down at Pett Level the other day and we spotted this ……. What sort of idiot parks their boat, presumably in this case for lunch, and fails to take into consideration that the tide has a tendency to go out as well as […]


Lo, she is a terrible Goddess and I went for a stroll at Pett Level yesterday as the sun was shining ……….. although it was a tad chilly. We saw some Pett pets …….. …… and a shoe and leg tree …….. ……. the cage naughty children are kept in during the summer ….. ……. […]


It takes five minutes by car to get to Pett Level from the Cliff Top Residence. Having parked the car, you walk up onto the sea defences. The view to the south. The view to the east. The view to the north – yes, it’s a pub. The view to the west – yes, those […]