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CAR STORY – Part 2

Putting our petrol heads on. I woke up the following morning – which was a great relief as I have been known to hum in my sleep. I telephoned the garage we use for repairs. My worst suspicions were confirmed. The cost to get the beast working again would be 3 or 4 times it’s […]


……. when you’re having fun. It’s the wedding anniversary …. again …… …… and yes, I have bought some flowers and yes, I have bought a present and no, I’m not taking Lo, she is a terrible Goddess out. Come to think of it though, I do need to pop out to fill the car […]


. I picked up some petrol the other day having secured a loan to cover the cost. As I queued up to pay, there was a bloke standing behind me;  I paid, turned to go back to the car and he managed to get completely in my way. He stood in just the wrong place […]