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I’m just popping out, I’m not going far, I wonder where my car keys are? Beside the bed? Inside the shed? I’m finding all this very bizarre. This is going to drive me quite mad, Today is beginning to go real bad – Now I’ve looked by the sink And I’m starting to think I’ll […]


It’s possible to accept the pants on the floor And the occasional poke in the ribs …. But if you cannot ignore the roar from his snore Then give him the elbow and out of the door. Of course the string vest doesn’t aid the rapport But it isn’t a hanging offence …. But if […]


Ever since Tiggz used this expression in a comment a million years ago my brain has been working on an idea. I have now perfected the “Windmill in your Pants” and it’ll be going on sale shortly. This innovative invention, which fits snugly in your undercrackers, provides just enough electricity to power a hearing aid. […]