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Official Report from Fairlight Cove – Open Studios 2019

    Tina Morris, director of Coastal Currents Arts Festival, strode into my garden like a super model accompanied by Alexander Brattell, anarchic photographer and all round good egg. I noticed that Tina was wearing high heels. My lawn needed aerating so while Alex dashed around clicking, I cunningly showed Tina points of interest in […]


I have never put on a show of paintings in my life … and I’m VERY old now. The shed extension has been built in time and everything is organised … just about. The dates are the weekends of August 31st/September 1st and the 7/8th of September – open 11am until 6pm. Click on the […]


Witch Hazel was really not nice Always quite free with advice With warts oh so hairy I found her quite scary Unpleasant to be quite precise. Her demeanour was very abrupt Her temper was primed to erupt I admit to my shame And I know it sounds lame That I avoided her and her ‘disrupt’. […]

GOOD CHEER ….. [and cheers]

Whether a birthday present  from a French sophisticate arrives to greet you when you get back from holiday….. ……. or if presents arrive very late from a teen of the 70’s …… …… it cheers you up no end – whatever the weather is like [wet and windy ever since we returned ………. tsk]. Thanks, […]