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CAR STORY – Part 4

Desperation. Search radius increased to forty miles. Hours are spent on the interweave. We head North towards London to look at several cars at a particular garage. Unbeknownst to us there are 2 large luxurious Volvos on the forecourt. We sit in them. One has very comfortable leather armchairs for seats with an undergusset heating […]


Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has gone away on a ‘murder’ weekend with the rest of the coven, and left me all on my own. I’m not sure whether they are solving a murder or planning one …….*gulp* ……… if I’m not here next week you’ll know why. I’m wondering if the Dead Monkey […]


I entered the murder scene. There were bodies in every room. The old man sat on the sofa staring into the distance. I made a list: 8 spiders, 3 flies, 4 earwigs, a mouse, a rat and a kitten – all under up-turned glasses. All dead. I spoke to the old man. No response. I […]