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It is with an almost morbid interest that I watch various peeps on the Interweave chasing after the Holy iGrail. They endeavour somehow to win iVirality gaining vast numbers of iClicks, becoming the next ‘big’ thing, having vigorous sales of mugs, a recognition by the iMasses of the new iStephen Fry or the iBill Shakespeare. […]

GOOD CHEER ….. [and cheers]

Whether a birthday present  from a French sophisticate arrives to greet you when you get back from holiday….. ……. or if presents arrive very late from a teen of the 70’s …… …… it cheers you up no end – whatever the weather is like [wet and windy ever since we returned ………. tsk]. Thanks, […]


One sure sign of summer is when you empty the dishwasher and there are more glasses than mugs ……… ……. either that, or you’ve got a drinking problem …. (This is the sort of post that changes lives, Peabrain. Nice tea-cloth.  Lo.TG Ed) .


After much thought I have decided to make only one new year resolution. Somehow or other, I’ve got to try and be less of a ‘babe magnet’. I’ve noticed that goddesses have even been crossing to the other side of the street when I walk by, to try and avoid the animal magnetism that pervades […]