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. Builders move materials around to make houses. Artists shove pigments around to make art. Writers move ideas from their heads onto paper or computers. Philosophers move ideas around. Farmers sow seeds and move their produce to markets. People move food from their plates into their mouths. The stomach takes what the body needs, plus […]

I’M BACK ……. in a way

I’m sitting in the conservatory at the Cliff Top Residence watching Gertrude climb the fence to greet our new neighbours – who are looking slightly concerned. I’ve reassured them that llamas don’t eat cats and that their marigolds will come back better and brighter in the spring. The terrible Goddess has been humming, which is […]


………. just to let you know that we are moving to the Cliff Top Residence on the 15th of December and that ALL presents should be delivered down that particular chimney. I apologise now for any inconvenience caused by the fact I’ve blocked up the chimney but I’m sure you will come up with something […]