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Self Isolation

I haven’t visited here for ages and a lot has changed. Still, let’s carry on regardless – in self isolation.     Reflections on self isolation I’ve looked at the books I’ve dusted the books I’ve looked at the books in a mirror I’ve looked at the grass I’ve counted the grass I’ve looked at […]


I’m sure many of you are well versed in the art of peeking but I felt that a few pointers wouldn’t go amiss. 1. If you need to wear glasses to see clearly remember to put them on before peeking. 2. Check on the light conditions – the peeker should be in subdued light to […]


At a certain age an odd thing happens when you pass a mirror Well really two things happen which is even queerer The reflection is a stranger which is really out of whack And the mirror at that moment develops a large crack. . Match of the Day . (He’s been lighting the wrong sort […]


We all have, to a greater or lesser extent, those voices in our heads that say things like – “You can’t do that – you’re not clever enough.” “Do you really think it was a good idea to tell her that yes, her bum does look big in that?” (I think you know the answer […]