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Official Report from Fairlight Cove – Open Studios 2019

    Tina Morris, director of Coastal Currents Arts Festival, strode into my garden like a super model accompanied by Alexander Brattell, anarchic photographer and all round good egg. I noticed that Tina was wearing high heels. My lawn needed aerating so while Alex dashed around clicking, I cunningly showed Tina points of interest in […]


I’m beginning to make plans for when society collapses completely, due to the credit crunch and the state of Parliament, and made the mistake of asking Lo, she is a terrible Goddess whether it’s possible to survive just eating grass. There followed a very long lecture about cows having four stomachs and the difficulty of […]

Oooo – IT’S ME!!!!!

If you look very carefully at this photograph you can see me cutting the lawn. You can also see that quite a lot of the houses have fallen into the sea …… oh, yes, I lead life on the edge ……….. tee hee .


It’s the time of year when these will be keeling over soon ….. …… and these will be opening and closing their eyes on a daily basis for many months to come ….. …… except the ones that get beheaded with the lawn mower. Still, they don’t seem to mind too much – they always […]