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BTW …..

…….. the kitchen did get finished before we moved. Luckily Penfold was around at the crucial time i.e. when wood needed cutting in straight lines and then fixing together. He also hid the 6” nails from me. He said it was for my own safety. If I’d used them apparently Lo, the terrible Goddess would […]

I’M BACK ……. in a way

I’m sitting in the conservatory at the Cliff Top Residence watching Gertrude climb the fence to greet our new neighbours – who are looking slightly concerned. I’ve reassured them that llamas don’t eat cats and that their marigolds will come back better and brighter in the spring. The terrible Goddess has been humming, which is […]


. With the help of Penfold the new kitchen is coming on in leaps and bounds. I only hope Lo, she is a terrible Goddess doesn’t notice that there isn’t a sink or a gas hob ……… I thought it might save on the washing up and cooking …… anything to ease her path through […]