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Do you have days when you’re feeling listless? When enervation is too long a word to use? The thought of popping bubble rap doesn’t fill you with excitement? You can’t even be bothered to lie languorously lifeless in a deck chair in the garden? The prospect of Uma Thurman knocking on your door leaves you […]


On the window sill behind the sink there’s a photograph of the TG and Papersurfer Junior …….. ……. which acts as my inspiration when up to my elbows in suds. (HarrrUMPH. Those moments of inspiration must be few and far between then. Lo,TG Ed) That and the fear that I’ve forgotten to put my shin […]


This is a direct copy and paste of an email from my brother …. “On further discussion with my nurse we have decided not to take up your kind offer of a television. I am waiting for her to buy me a 40″ HD one that I can control from my zimmer frame. I may […]