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My first, and possibly last, political sculpture – The Nanny State. I’m continuing to work on The Toy Cupboard but I’m still short of soft toys. Perhaps I’ll be able to get some more when we visit Surfugal. I’m very busy you know and the grass needs cutting!


On the beach at Hastings there are a series of very tall black huts that are/were used to dry fishing nets. The base of them measures 8 feet by 8 feet. A group calling themselves Eight Foot Square are doing a whole series of events during the Coastal Currents Arts Festival that are only restricted […]


Now that I can cheerily swing a cat in the old shed I’ve been able to start on my next round of magnificent, meaningful and marvellous sculptures. I present to you avid readers …. ‘STONE HINGE”. Warning – this work of art needs watering. May the shed of your dreams, in whatever form, lighten and […]


Lollygagging around Surfugal does have at least one drawback ….. ….. the grass at the Cliff Top Residence tends to take advantage of my absence. I also noticed as I stared at it for several days that my mere presence didn’t restrict it’s enthusiasm. (How strange… Lo,TG Ed) I took the mower by the horns […]


This is a picture of my mower blade …… …… after I had managed to turn it from ‘mower’  to ‘rotovator’  capability – I said “DON’T ASK”. Suffice it to say that last time I cut the grass I only bent it a tiny bit. I had to try really hard to bend it through […]


Although I was at art college during the 60’s and was surrounded by people popping Purple Hearts, smoking copious quantities of pot and taking tabs of LSD I was never tempted ……….. …….. mainly because I got addicted to nicotine way too easily and I was scared I suppose. I apologise that my posts are […]