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I’ve built the mountain and now I’ve almost finished constructing the babbling brook that cascades down its’ craggy sides, flows across the pampas and gently drops into the lake [which I dug out by hand] that the goldfish call home. This is a photo of one of our neighbours enjoying the fruits of my labour. […]


A Step in the Right Direction It’s only taken me two years to get round to it but I’ve laid the top step at last [with the help of Tiggz]. This area has been a bit of a trip hazard and quite honestly I don’t know why Lo, she is a terrible Goddess hasn’t insisted […]


There follows an explanation why an odd, yet strangely attractive (stick with ‘strange’ Lo,TG Ed), old man can be seen running around the Cliff Tops wielding a cudgel trying to bop herons on the head. Four goldfish are missing, presumed dead – the four largest goldfish who were in their prime, about to breed and […]


I was surprised to see when I uploaded this, that this video is not allowed to be shown in Germany. Things might have been different if Grumpy was a genuine Steiff bear I suppose ……. honestly, he always lets me down …. [Very impressed with the efficiency of YouTube. A soon as this vid arrived […]


My ickle fish in their ickle pond have such an idyllic time Then their ickle brains go all-a-whir, “It really is a crime – He knows that we get so hungry – it MUST be dinner time. Just an ickle snack of loveliness would keep us in our prime.” “He could I s’pose provide a […]


I was very worried about these ickle spiders ……. …… Mummy spider had left them on their own to grow immediately above the pond, with no visible means of escape. Well apart from the obvious one of walking along the edge of the pond and then hiding in the grass, but I just knew that […]


I’m loathe to report this but …….. the goldfish have been cavorting! Heavens above they’re less than two years old! Honestly the youth of today! Disgusting! I’ve heard of dogging but had no idea there was fishing as well! Multiple partners and a lot of thrashing and splashing! I can only hope that they were […]


There have been a few signs that we are coming out of winter. The Firehills looking west from the bottom of the garden showing blue skies. The path to the actual cliff top with some crocuses enjoying the sun. Standing on the cliff edge with a few gorse flowers doing their best. Even Goldilocks and […]

IN THE WINTERY POND – A soap opera

Episode 1 Scene – A pond in the winter. Goldfish 1 – It’s jolly dark in here. Anyone else a tad chilly? Goldfish 2 – It’s jolly dark in here. Anyone else a tad chilly? Goldfish 3 – It’s jolly dark in here. Anyone else a tad chilly? Goldfish 4 – It’s jolly dark in […]


…….. and so the work continues dans le jardin …….. The pond was lined and filled yesterday. It now needs landscaping and will have a quaint little rivulet to help aeration. The book says I must be patient and let the water balance itself before bunging some fish in. As goldfish are only about 99p […]