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THE GAS DUCKTECTOR I am fully expecting that my latest invention is going to make me very rich. I have been very concerned for a number of years about the canaries that are used in mines to detect lethal gas. It was not a good sign if the canary keeled over and died, particularly for […]


The story of my life marks my face like a slap I really had no idea I’d suffered so much crap. [Actually, I suspect it’s got more to do with gravity and the lack of a moisturising regime but that doesn’t sound nearly as interesting or manly]


There are various things that people don’t tell you about, about getting older. One of these things is, if you shave your ears in a vain attempt to regain control of your increasingly disobedient body, then scratching your ears creates a sound like a bowl of Rice Crispies going into melt down. Prepare yourselves for […]