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I’m really not a show-off and have never been, I didn’t scream in my pram, making quite a scene, I didn’t wear high heels on the day I turned fifteen Or go to my first party in a shirt made up from beans. And on the interweave, I never ever flirt, Or sit blogging on […]


I’d better let you know about the rest of the neighbours before they decide to move. There was a bit of an incident last night when Gertrude, my pet llama, escaped. He’s ‘in heat’ at the moment and decided to try his luck with the re-cycling bin outside the Corduroy’s house – the racket was […]


I like cars and my only request is that they go from A to B and that the heater works in the winter and the air-conditioning in the summer. But if something goes wrong, even if it’s just a light bulb, I feel like this …….. ……. I think I’d better send Gertrude on a […]