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Self Isolation

I haven’t visited here for ages and a lot has changed. Still, let’s carry on regardless – in self isolation.     Reflections on self isolation I’ve looked at the books I’ve dusted the books I’ve looked at the books in a mirror I’ve looked at the grass I’ve counted the grass I’ve looked at […]


When finding the way I follow my nose If it runs so do I It makes sense I suppose But the girl in the piccy uses her head Til the parting of ways When she loses the thread So I think my way’s best, I hope you agree And I don’t need a mirror I’m […]


The story of my life marks my face like a slap I really had no idea I’d suffered so much crap. [Actually, I suspect it’s got more to do with gravity and the lack of a moisturising regime but that doesn’t sound nearly as interesting or manly]


There comes a time when your chest descends And settles on your waist And hair from head starts to disappear With an unseemly haste But patiently wait for a day or two There’s really nowt to fear For up they sprout from nose and ears And knees and chest and rear. And about this time, […]


My ickle fish in their ickle pond have such an idyllic time Then their ickle brains go all-a-whir, “It really is a crime – He knows that we get so hungry – it MUST be dinner time. Just an ickle snack of loveliness would keep us in our prime.” “He could I s’pose provide a […]