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Memorial for Frog

Frog is floating towards whatever counts as heaven in his world and serves as a reminder that dogs are, in the most part, good eggs. Sculpture made for Tiggz in memory of his dog, Frog. Any resemblance to Damien Hirst’s “ The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” is purely coincidental. […]


I’ve just done a painting. “Christmas Dinner Makes A Bid For Freedom” Acrylic on canvas 20cm x 20cm This is why I don’t paint very often.


There are times, and at different ages, When children go through all those stages Of  sounding like they’re your begetters, Trying to be the ones who fetter. When they’re young it’s accidental Treating you as though you’re mental But when they hit their middle age They often don the role of ‘sage’ Which I always […]