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PAINTING. Really!!!?!

I needed an old-school type painting as part of my next exhibition of exciting and innovative sculptures so decided I’d better do it myself.     He turned out ok. I found another off-cut I could use so then did a painting I’ve been thinking about for ages. It was grown from a cutting and lives […]


My ickle fish in their ickle pond have such an idyllic time Then their ickle brains go all-a-whir, “It really is a crime – He knows that we get so hungry – it MUST be dinner time. Just an ickle snack of loveliness would keep us in our prime.” “He could I s’pose provide a […]


We introduced some fish to the pond yesterday. “Fishes – this is the pond. Pond – these are the fishes.” Hang on – who’s this? *zooms in on piccy* *flips it* Ah – another interested party that wants an introduction …… ( Isn’t he sitting nicely. I think he’s just checking on the state of […]