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A few years ago I invented this marvellous game! The family love to play it. The rules are simple. You play in reverse of normal Jenga in that each person takes a turn to add to the tower. When someone causes the tower to collapse they have to eat all the Twiglets. There is one […]


South of Tunbridge Wells again! Whilst in Wales I saw dragons … … checked out the local dating agency … … cadw Cymru’n daclus … … and tickled this … A lovely time was had by all.


Stone the crows! Vigilance is essential 24/7 just in case Tango or Penfold steps out of line … … or they attempt to go for a walk down to the gorge without them. Getting stoned at the gorge has gone viral with passer-bys constantly adding their artistic efforts. This ever changing landscape now include works […]


Picture of my tissue. The Daddy Papersurfer household is very green. To this end we use and re-use tissues until they become like lace. Over the years Lo, she is a terrible Goddess, has queried my habit of carefully examining what has left my body via my nose. Yesterday my diligence paid off handsomely. Our […]

A SERIOUS SUNDAY – as requested

MERRILY MERRILY I float down stream and watch the view Quite content, it’s what I do Most of the time the way is smooth The light, the people, tend to soothe There are occasions naturally When rapids could quite drastically Upset the boat and cause disruption Sad disaster and corruption The secret is to get […]


Well it didn’t take Papersurfer long to throw me out of the nest and, quite frankly, I’m more confused than ever. What is the etiquette for the polite blogger? Can I ask Lucy Pepper to pimp my blog with one of her drawings? Can I ask Nursemyra for confidential advice about ingrowing toenails and outgrowing […]