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“I’ve finished fixing the shelves you wanted in the wardrobe, my angel.” *preens* “Lovely shelves, Peabrain, but are they clean?” “Of course dear.” The ominous sound of footsteps down the hall followed by the terrifying ‘TG finger wipe of cleanliness’ test. *Ahem*  ………. [a quiet noise, but full of menace, speedily followed by two fingers […]


Obviously my first glimpse of Lo, she is a terrible Goddess in the mornings fills my heart with glee but if her opening gambit of the day is “I’ve been thinking…..” my heart sinks to my stomach. “I’ve been thinking that the bathroom should be moved 2inches to the left like I suggested in the […]

HAPPY EASTER – I suppose

The rest of the shower room arrived the other day ……. …….. so 3 guesses what I’m doing over Easter. (They say cleanliness is next to Godliness, Peabrain; I think cleanliness might be achievable. Lo,TG Ed) There is a brand new ‘Man of Letters’ over at Sky although I do realise that some people can’t […]