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Lo, she is a terrible Goddess has gone away on a ‘murder’ weekend with the rest of the coven, and left me all on my own. I’m not sure whether they are solving a murder or planning one …….*gulp* ……… if I’m not here next week you’ll know why. I’m wondering if the Dead Monkey […]


Fifitrixibelle ushered us in and immediately began talking to Lo, she is a terrible Goddess in hushed whispers. They kept glancing at me. “Why don’t you go down the garden and get some fresh air, Peabrain? We’ve got a lot to talk about.” I wandered out of the back door feeling quite safe; after all […]


I manage to survive the coven convention yesterday although there was a rather dodgy moment when I joined a conversation about the size of container needed when making a sponge, and of course the discussion about when to tip and when not to tip, if there are wealthy Americans around who are tipping enough for […]

OH NO ……..

The coven is convening today ……… Mmmmmm …… perhaps I’d better choose …… (Goodness, that’s the first time you’ve posted pictures of your relatives, Peabrain. Why so shy? They look…. interesting, and there’s a definite family resemblance. Lo,TG Ed) ……. yep, probably safer …… (Poor Fifitrixiebelle’s looking a little tired in this one. Must be […]


Sometimes I like to open the dictionary and find a word I’m not familiar with and then work it – casually – into conversation. My latest is ‘lammergeier’. The only person I can think of using this to is the vicar’s wife but I have a suspicion she might know what it means and if […]


Yesterday I failed to mention the really frightening incident that I cleverly managed to foil. On arrival at Fifitrixibelle’s cave I was offered a drink – “Champagne with hibiscus flower and syrup DP, you’ll love it!!!.” Now, I don’t know about you but a glass of champagne with what looks like a stag beetle marinated […]


I had to attend one of Lo, she is a terrible Goddess’s coven conventions last Saturday and quite frankly it’s a miracle I’m not a toad now. (Hmmm. Quite frankly, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge. Lo,TG Ed) During the mid-luncheon dissection of all things ‘peabrain’, as I was gently musing on the joys […]