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Memorial for Frog

Frog is floating towards whatever counts as heaven in his world and serves as a reminder that dogs are, in the most part, good eggs. Sculpture made for Tiggz in memory of his dog, Frog. Any resemblance to Damien Hirst’s “ The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” is purely coincidental. […]


My continuing efforts to inform and educate are not halted because I’m in Surfugal. There is no particular wrong and right end of a stick to get hold of. In very basic terms it depends on whether you want to poke someone in the eye or club them over the head. This particular stick has […]


Getting off to a cracking start in 2013 with this new creation in the ‘Thinking Inside the Box’ series. The Gastrapoda Phoenix lays it’s single egg inside a cage just before it bursts into flames at which point the chick emerges almost immediately. After several weeks the chick’s legs are long enough for it to […]


The history of the mobile phone continues. Not that many years ago the only word that man and womankind managed to utter was “Ugh”. Even then womankind complained that it wasn’t what he said, it was the way he said it. It was a very tricky time for effective communication. The main way of transmitting […]


WELLINGTONIUS MUCHMUNCHA The Wellingtonius Muchmuncha, commonly known as the Ankle Biter, feeds exclusively on wellington boots. This charming and cuddly creature makes an ideal pet if looked after properly. However, as we all know, it must only be fed one wellington boot a day. If overfed he/she grows enormous teeth which can cut through wire […]


The Pegasus bolt-on was developed by several mobile phone manufacturers in the late 90’s. It was never brought to market for 2 reasons. 1. The Civil Aviation Authority insisted that users would have to have some minimum qualifications to fly them with full certification after a full and thorough course run by them with an […]


A very rare example of a first generation mobile phone. Amazingly this still works as well as it did back in the day. Also works at night. I think it’s going very well.


My first, and possibly last, political sculpture – The Nanny State. I’m continuing to work on The Toy Cupboard but I’m still short of soft toys. Perhaps I’ll be able to get some more when we visit Surfugal. I’m very busy you know and the grass needs cutting!